Checking Roofs & Gutters

Anyone who has lived in Connecticut long enough knows that the recent spate of foul weather is just the beginning of a typical winter. In New England we regularly see snow storms followed by 50 degree weather the periods of rain before a week of below freezing temperatures set in. Unpredictable and messy, this type…

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Tips for Renovating Basements

If your custom home in Connecticut has a basement, you are probably thinking of ways to utilize this large space. Many homeowners neglect their basement and simply use it as storage space when it could be a fully functional and comfortable room in the home. From game rooms and bars to media centers and indoor…

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Tips for Remodeling

As a homeowner a time will come when you feel the need to improve the look of certain rooms in your home. Bathrooms, kitchens and basements are popular rooms for remodeling since bathrooms and kitchens are used a lot and can sustain a lot of wear and tear through the years and basements may be…

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Preparing Homes for Winter

Owning a home in Connecticut can be a labor of love during the winter. The heavy snow, ice, sleet and wind can cause a number of problems for homeowners and the best way to avoid any inconveniences is to prepare in advance. From inspecting your roof and gutters to checking the siding and heating systems…

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