Spring Flood Tips

With winter finally fading in the rear view mirror a new threat emerges for Connecticut homeowners: spring floods. When the spring rains come and the ground has not completely thawed, it’s very easy for water to pool on the surface of a lawn and cause serious flooding. Also, if the gutters on your home are…

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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

As we write this the temperature outside is nearing 57 degrees. While we still have a way to go before spring begins (9 days and counting), it is a relief to know that the harsh cold, snow and ice are almost over. As the weather warms up it is time for responsible homeowners to come…

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Remove Snow from Roofs

Earlier today Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy urged property owners in the state to clear their roofs of the snow that has been piling up with each winter storm. The Governor and other state officials are concerned that the additional weight on the roofs of homes and buildings will cause a collapse and potentially lead…

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Décor Tips for Contemporary Homes

Decorating your home in a contemporary style can create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a touch of sophistication. Contemporary décor incorporates design trends from the second half of the 20th century. Contemporary homes are decorated with both neutral and bold colors. Furniture has softened and rounded lines, and the design incorporates open spaces and…

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Firing up Cold Winter Months

When you chose Connecticut for your new custom home you did so knowing full well that winter can be a long a cold season. From snowfall that can begin as early as October and last through March, to chill winds that can take the temperature below zero, Connecticut braces for the winter season just like…

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