5 Essential Tips to Winterize Your Home

As fall comes to an end, many Connecticut homeowners can already feel colder conditions coming. This time of year, make it a priority to winterize your home to stay warm, protect your property and ensure everything works correctly. Prepare for the colder months with these five tips. Clean Your Furnace Filters Furnaces are typically associated…

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5 Outdated Home Features to Avoid

Whether you’re buying a pre-built property or planning to remodel your existing home, you likely have to deal with older features – some visual and some functional. In many instances, the purely cosmetic features tend to be easy to fix, but some give your home a dated look and functionality. Make sure you avoid the…

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3 Tips for Summertime Roofing Projects

The months from spring through summer present some of the best conditions for completing roofing projects. Abundant sunshine, drier weather, more daylight hours and no ice covering the surface of your home. Even if you plan to call a professional roofer to perform the work, you can do a few things ahead of time to…

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Remodel vs. Resell: Factors You Should Consider

As a homeowner, there may come a time when your current house is no longer enough. It could be too small, not modern enough or simply not in line with your personal goals. At this point, many might suggest putting the property on the market. However, that could be a costly endeavor in today’s real…

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The 9 Most Common Home Improvements

Buying your first home is an exciting time. When you make the big purchase, you and your family couldn’t be happier. Yet, a few years down the line, many homeowners consider making improvements. The changes could be to improve its overall value for resale or create a new ambience. However, not all improvements are equal….

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