Should You Renovate or Build a New Home?

The decision between remodeling an existing home and building a custom home is unique to each family. Lifestyle, budget and the need for certain amenities can differ greatly but identifying these factors can help you make an informed decision. We list 5 things to consider before taking the plunge. How Old Is The Home? When…

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Essential Home Improvements for Summer

It’s always a good idea to do major home improvements right after winter ends. After all, the cold often does a number on your home. But, spring brings rain showers and colder evenings. Due to these conditions, it might not be the right time to make certain improvements. Rather, summer may be more optimal: Longer…

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5 Tips for Starting a Home Garden

When spring rolls around, many homeowners start wishing they had a garden for fresh flowers, vegetables and herbs. So, you start digging the dirt and find some plants at the local nursery. While the plants initially thrive, they’re gone by fall. In response, you’re often left wondering, “Could I have done something differently?” If you…

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6 Common Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades

Whether you make home improvements to an existing property or move into a house already equipped with these features, energy-efficient improvements add value in two ways. In the short term, less power and water usage decrease your utility bill. In particular, appliances may have a notable impact. Long-term, because energy-efficient features are in demand, your…

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Should You Upgrade Your Home’s Appliances?

Many homeowners have been there: We wonder why our electric bills are so high or our appliances are suddenly performing poorly. In these situations, you may consider repairs and upgrades – or simply replace the appliance. Along with improved performance, better efficiency motivates many homeowners to take the step, especially as newer models come with…

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