lush green walking trailSummer is a great time to enjoy the sun and be outdoors. Hiking is a perfect activity for getting exercise, enjoying nature and spending time with friends! Connecticut has many hiking trails to offer all around the state.

Here are some of our favorites we recommend.

Beaver Pond Trail – Burlington, CT

This trail is perfect for dog walking and hiking all year round. Enjoy a 4-mile loop located around Freeman Hill Brook. There are multiple trail options throughout the area to shorten or lengthen your hike depending on your desires!

Beaver Pond Trail is only 15 minutes from Washington Farms and Clearwater Creek in Burlington.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Farmington Canal Linear State Park Trail- Cheshire, CT

Enjoy scenic and historic views on this 10.9-mile trail. There are many entrance points throughout the trail, making it easy to stop at any time. This is perfect for bike riding, long walks and is also stroller-friendly!

The Farmington Canal Linear State Park Trail is located only 15 minutes from Castle Heights in Cheshire.

Difficulty Level: Easy

River Highlands State Park- White Blaze Trail Loop – Cromwell, CT

All skill levels are welcomed at this trail. It’s kid-friendly, making it the perfect family hike location. Only being 2.2-miles long, it makes for an ideal running location as well. Visit the park today and enjoy scenic views of the Connecticut River!

This trail is located across the street from Arbor Meadows in Cromwell!

Difficulty Level: Easy

Salmon River Trail – East Lyme, CT

Experience many different activity options on the Salmon River Trail. Enjoy bird watching, fishing, horseback riding and rock climbing along the route. It’s a great location for nature trips and hiking. This 6.5- mile long trail is best used from March to November.

The Salmon River Trail is only a 30-minute drive from The Orchards of East Lyme.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Rattlesnack Mountain- Farmington, CT

The beautiful wildflowers and views on the trail make it worth the visit. Enjoy a 2.5-mile route while walking your pup, running or walking. It’s kid-friendly, so make it a family trip. Once you reach the top, you can view the city of Hartford!

The mountain is located only 20 minutes from Washington Farms and The Yorkshire in Farmington.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Crescent Lake Trail – Plainville, CT

This easy, 1.4-mile trail around Crescent Lake is perfect for all activities. Try going for a run, walk with the dog or just enjoy the views the trail provides. There are a few trails off the main route to choose from to make the hike a little more challenging too!

Crescent Lake Trail is only 10 minutes from Samuel’s Crossing in Plainville.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Nature’s calling! Visit one of these many trails today. If you’re looking for a home in the area, contact By Carrier about nearby properties today.

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